The most important aspect of the Colorado Springs Track Club is our coached workouts. This is where our runners do their interval training. The Colorado SpringsTrack Club holds team workouts twice weekly or more.

If you are interested in what the CSTC has to offer you should come along and participate in our team workouts. We have workouts for the following four groups:

  • Road runners who primarily race 5K to the marathon. Coached by Gary Staines 
  • Cross Country and Track runners who primarily race 800m to 10K. Karen Scott/ Gary Staines
  • Sprinters, Hurdles and Jumps.   Coached by Linda Staines, Ernie DeRubis, Daniel Russell. 

Our road group meets every Thursday night throughout the year in Cheyenne Mountain High School. We meet at the Cheyenne Mountain HS Track at 7:00pm. We run tempo or fartlek-type workouts for a total distance of 5-8 miles with approximately three of those miles being run at interval pace. We split up into four groups based on current 10K ability (sub 34 minutes, 34-38, 38-42, over 42 minutes). Every Tuesday night our road group works out on the track. From April to October these workouts are held at the East 6th Street Track (East River Park and 6th Street) at 6:30pm. From December to March these are held indoors at the Armory (168th Street and Fort Washington Avenue) at 7:30pm. In November we meet at the Daniel Webster Statue in Central Park at 7:00pm. We run track intervals totaling approximately three miles. We also have a weekend long run in and around Central Park.  This group generally meets on Saturdays at 8:30am, at the water fountain on the Reservoir on West 86th Street, throughout the year.  This run moves to Sundays when there is a club points or other important race on Saturday.  All are encouraged to join for all of the run or a portion, depending on your training schedule.

Our cross country group meets Tuesday and Thursday nights for workouts in Bear Creek Park, and on the weekends, we work out at Cheyenne Mountain High School. Please email for details.

Our mid-distance and distance track group meet Tuesday and Thursday nights at the Cheyenne Mountain High School Track, 1200 Cresta Rd. from 6:30pm. Winter workouts are typically held at Cheyenne Mountain Track, but accommodations for indoor workouts are in motions. During the spring and summer, our track groups meet Tuesday and Thursday nights at the Cheyenne Mountain Track from 6:30pm.