2020 Fall Session
Oct 18 - Dec 18

2021 Winter Session
Jan 11 - April 11 

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 Distance @ Cheyenne Mtn.

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Distance @ Rampart

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Distance @ Air Academy

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Distance @ Palmer Ridge

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 Sprints, Jumps, 
Hurdles and Throws @ Cheyenne Mtn. 
Winter sessions opening soon

C- Character:  We are not our results! We are how we treat others and interact in the world.
S- Synergy:  Cooperation of two or more agents to achieve greater effect!
T- Thankful:  Gratitude toward our family, teammates, competitors and given abilities. 
C- Connected: to the world, to each other, to our neighbors, to ourselves

The Colorado Springs Track Club serves the sport of track & field, cross country, road running and mountain/ultra/trail running for its members and the community.  

United: Led by Olympians Gary and Linda Staines, CSTC brings a thoughtful and collaborative approach to the development of athletes. CSTC has an aim to work with area high schools and neighborhoods to assist athletes in their development and enjoyment in the sports of Cross Country and Track & Field. Although, CSTC offers multiple locations, the aim is to bring many area athletes together during training and competition.

Elite Team: Member's of the Elite Team have all gone through the patient process of development that is required of high-level competition. As such, the goal of this team is to not only perform well on the national and international stage but to provide guidance to other members (adult and youth) of the club! 

School Age Team: Member's of the school-age program range from the very young to high school and the focus of this group is patient and proper development with consistent growth in all modalities related to running. Emphasis on neuromuscular, aerobic, anaerobic, strength and mental development are certainly at the forefront, but team members also are educated on the importance of being a good teammate.  

Skills: Athletes in the Colorado Springs Track Club will be taught the skills of track & field (running, jumping & throwing), and will be progressed through skill levels, learning and experiencing the skills in a fun and inviting atmosphere, while at the same time learning the value of friendly, exciting competition.

 Experience: Athletes in the Colorado Springs Track Club will learn the importance of teamwork and accountability through relay skills, as well as develop camaraderie among themselves in an individual team sport.

Strength & Conditioning: Athletes in the Colorado Springs Track Club will learn the basic progression of athletic practices, including dynamic warm-ups, performance skills sessions, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, and stretching/cool down.